Tiger II – German WWII tank

One of the largest and most powerful tanks of WWII, the Tiger II was first used in combat during the Allied invasion of Normandy on 11 July 1944. The heavy armor and massive long-range gun gave the Tiger II an advantage against all opposing Western and Soviet tanks. The main armament of the Tiger II was capable of knocking out any Allied tank at ranges exceeding 1.6 miles, well beyond the range of enemy tank guns. Kurt Knispel, the highest scoring tank ace of all time (162 enemy armored fighting vehicles destroyed), also served in a Tiger II.

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Model info:

  • 978 ABS plastic pieces (compatible with Lego)
  • 6 minifigs
  • 21 custom hand weapons and tools
  • Full-color printed building instructions
  • Top-quality sticker sheet
  • 360 degrees rotating turret
  • Mobile gun


Building difficulty: ★★★★


Packaging: Shipped in a carefully sealed plastic foil bag. We ship this item without its original box to keep your shipping costs low.



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